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  • These cryptic, difficult to survey and hard to identify fauna, need attention in any survey or assessment. EnviroKey can provide you with this expertise.
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EnviroKey Principal Ecologist, Steve Sass, and in collaboration with fellow EnviroKey ecologists and other researchers, has published, submitted or currently preparing numerous peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts, which provide a significant contribution to current ecological knowledge. These manuscripts focus on a poorly studied fauna group, frogs and reptiles, and aim to provide natural resource managements and the scientific community with updated inventories, details on species distribution and habitats and species and community ecology which can be used to develop strategies for their future management. The following inventory provides details of these manuscripts, and where published, a download link may also be provided.


Sass, S. Swan, G. , Sullivan, C., & Parsell, S (2016) What's in a trap: An evaluation of various detection methods for terrestrial vertebrate fauna and implications for environmental impact assessments. Consulting Ecology, 35 (2): 31-38 PDF

Sass, S., Morrison, A, & Warne, H (2014) Holidaying or moving in? : The story of the most southerly confirmed record of Noisy Pitta (Pitta versiscolor) at Morunna Point, Wallaga Lake, NSW Far south coast, Consulting Ecology, 33 (2): 18-21 PDF

Sass, S. Murray, J, & Chesnut, K (2014) Traps, Transects and Technology: Detectability of the threatened Rosenberg's Goanna (Varanus rosenbergii), Consulting Ecology, 33 (2): 21-24. PDF

Sass, S. & Swan, G (2014) Factors influencing habitat occupancy of the endangered Barrier Range Dragon (Ctenophorus mirrityana: AGAMIDAE), Herpetological Review, 45 (2): 213-216

McLean, C., Moussalli, A., Sass, S., & Stuart-Fox, D. (2013) Taxonomic assessment of the Ctenophorus decresii complex (Reptilia: Agamidae) reveals a new species of dragon from western NSW. Records of the Australian Museum. 65 (3): 51-63. PDF

Sass, S, Sass, L & Metzler, C (2011) The frog diversity of the Pambula River Floodplain in south-eastern NSW. Herpetofauna.41 (1-2): 9-16 PDF

Sass, S (2012) Sex in the Sun: A promiscuous dragon, feral goats and the approval of the largest wind farm in the Southern Hemisphere. Consulting Ecology. 29: 31-35 PDF

Sass, S & Sass, L (2012) Are swimming pools a potential threat to ground-dwelling frogs? : A case study from the NSW south coast. Consulting Ecology.28: 11-13 PDF

Sass, S (2011) Recent taxonomic changes and additions to the snake fauna of New South Wales. Consulting Ecology. 27: 24-27. PDF

Sass, S., Swan, G., Marshall, B., Browne, T. & Graham-Higgs, N. (2011) Disjunct populations of spinifex-obligate reptiles revealed in a newly described vegetation community near Broken Hill, far-western New South Wales. Australian Zoologist. 35 (3): 781-787. PDF 

Sass, S (2011) Taxonomic changes and additions to the lizard fauna of New South Wales: A synthesis. Consulting Ecology. 24: 16-18. PDF

Sass, S & Swan, G. (2010) A newly discovered population of the endangered Tawny Rock Dragon Ctenophorus decresii in far western New South Wales and a description of its habitat. Herpetofauna.40 (1): 52-57. PDF

Sass, S & Swan, G. (2010) The herpetofauna of the bimble box-pine woodland remnants of the Cobar Peneplain, Western New South Wales. Herpetofauna.40 (1): 39-47.PDF 

Sass, S (2009) The effectiveness of funnel traps to conduct reptile surveys in the chenopod shrublands of western New South Wales. Consulting Ecology 22, 18-20. PDF

Sass, S, Swan, G & Coulson, S (2009) A recent record of the endangered skink Anomalopus mackayi and a description of its habitat. Herpetofauna. (39) 2, 100-101. PDF

Sass, S (2009) A case of predation by an adult Red-bellied Black Snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus) on an adult Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis). Herpetofauna 39 (1): 78-80. 

Sass, S (2009) An overview of bird communities within arid shrubland and woodland habitats of western New South Wales. Consulting Ecology, 23: 58-65. PDF

Sass, S, Watson, DM & Wilson, AM (2008) The reptile fauna of the Upper Billabong Creek catchment area, Murray Region, southern New South Wales: their distribution and future management. Herpetofauna 38 (2): 41-49. PDF 

Sass, S, Watson, DM & Herring, M (2007) A range extension for the Blotched Blue tongue lizard (Tiliqua nigrolutea) and implications for their future survival. Herpetofauna 37 (2): 21-25. PDF 

Sass, S & Wilson, AM (2006) Effects of fire on lizard communities in the mallee shrublands of western New South Wales. Herpetofauna 36 (2): 106-111. PDF 

Sass, S (2006) The reptile fauna of Nombinnie Nature Reserve and State Conservation Area, western New South Wales. Australian Zoologist 33 (4): 511-518. PDF

Wassens,S, Sass, S & Swan, G (2005) Reptile communities in the vegetation remnants of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, New South Wales. Herpetofauna 35 (2): 66-72. PDF 

Sass, S, Swan, G, Wassens, S & Thompson, L (2005) A range extension for the Spinifex snake-lizard Delma butleri (PYGOPODIDAE): A new record from the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. Herpetofauna 35 (1): 48-50. PDF 

Sass, S (2003) Observations of diurnal exposure in geckos. Herpetofauna 33 (2): 58-59. PDF 

Sass, S (2003) A survey of the reptiles of Wagga Wagga. Herpetofauna 33 (1): 18-23. PDF